This projects came about as a self-initiated challenge to find a commercial application for my typographic patterns. The response is a series of books designed to contain and package a range of vintage dress patterns. After research into their existing stock and publications, I decided to design the vintage clothing pattern books to be branded for and sold by the V&A shop.

There are six books, one for each decade ranging between the 1920’s and 1970’s. Each book is made from a series of french-folded pages that are fixed to make envelopes, which then contain the dress patterns and are labelled with instructions on how to make the garment for yourself.

The typographic patterns were selected and modified so that they resemble textile prints from each decade and are then used to cover each book, playing upon the dual meaning of the word ‘pattern.’

The six books are then enclosed in a simple box and are designed to be sold either as a complete set or individually through the V&A shop and online.