Route is a display face available in uppercase and numerals with basic punctuation and glyphs.

Its design is based upon an infographic by Stefanie Posavec called 'Literary Organism'. This infographic analyses the sentence structure of ‘On The Road’ by Jack Kerouac. The letterforms are based on the basic shapes created in this piece.

When developed as a display typeface the basic structure of the letters is based on that of Adrian Frutiger’s Avenir Black, giving the face a bold structure and character.

The typeface is named ‘Route’ because of its link with ‘On the Road.’ ‘Route’ is a term used in the labelling system for American highways , and is also the French word for road (On The Road was originally penned in French, Kerouac’s first language). Another consideration was the dual meaning and spelling of ‘Route’ or ‘Root’, as the original infographic by Stefanie Posavec appears organic in nature and representative of roots.

I also had a go at creating the typeface, getting a bit of experience with Fontographer. I'm currently developing a working prototype of the font, it's currently working but needs a bit of polishing up.
'Whither goest thou, America,
in thy shiny car in the night?'