This project was created in response to the ISTD brief 2011, Not just Fleurons.

Some see gardening as a metaphor for life. Whether it is a plant or two on a window sill in an urban apartment, a vegetable plot in a suburban garden, the yard of an American home, the ornate gardens of the Château de Versailles, the botanical gardens of Kew or the Zen-inspired gardens of Japan, the constant in all gardens is the presence of plants.

My response is an anthology that explores the role of the garden in literature.

"From Romeo and Juliet’s night-time conversation in Capulet’s garden, to Harry Potter’s de-gnoming of the Weasley’s scruffy rough yard, the garden has had many different appearances in literary history. Collated here are 12 extracts from a range of both recent and past novels and plays, demonstrating the diverse and important role the garden has had to play in the literary art of storytelling."

The project involved mapping the word 'garden' through all the selected books, and combining these literary maps with the extracts from the books where gardens play a prominent role.